Health Update, February 11, 2018

We have now had a handful of confirmed cases of influenza in both our middle and elementary school.  Please continue to be vigilant about not sending students to school who have had fevers within 24 hours.  They MUST be fever-free without use of fever-reducing medications for at least 24 hours.  If your child has been diagnosed with influenza be sure to notify the school nurse, Angie Scripture at either 848-4048 or  So far, there have been no obvious patterns in grade levels or classrooms or any spike in the number of cases.  Be assured that this is being tracked closely and steps have been taken to decrease the chances that this will be spread in our schools.

There have also been students in both schools with gastrointestinal illness (nausea/vomiting and stomach pain).  We have also had cases of Strep.  Again, no obvious patterns.

There are no steps other than what was previously posted that we need to be taking at this time.

And here’s a helpful video from