1. Starfall K and Pre-K

2. Talk to Me Alphabet

3. Bunny Balance

4. Counting Objects
Make a graph to show how many animals.

5. Type the Missing Numbers

6. How Many?
Click on the number that shows how many shapes there are

7. Matching Shapes

8. Kinderweb

find letters. colors, shapes and more!

9.The Old Woman Who Lived in the Shoe
Counting game

10. Patterns Game

11. Fuzz Bugs Patterns

12. Same and Different Donuts

13. Shape Patterns

14. I Can Read! ◊◊

15. Egg Decorating ◊◊
Use the letters to decorate the egg

16. Counting Fish

17. ABCs ◊◊
From Starfall

18. Clifford’s Sound Match ◊◊

19. Sesame Street Games