4th Grade Links

State Quarter Self-Assessment

Mrs. Goodman’s Fourth Grade

Typing.com Student Portal

 Biography Choices



Animal Pages (after some trees!)


Presentation Tools

1. Pentominoes

2. Wacky Web Tales ◊
Add nouns, verbs and adjectives – then read the story you’ve helped create!

3. Money Game  

4. Tessellations

5. Jabberwocky  

6. Portaportal  
Enter your teacher’s username to use all the links at this site!

7. US Map Game  

8. Amazon Photos  

9. Amazon Interactive  

10. CIA World Fact Book  
Loads of information about countries all over the world

11. Math Games

12. Fact Hound  
Want to find out more about your Reading Street topics? Click here and browse by subject!

13. Journey into Amazonia  
A “credible” website to evaluate!

14. Logic Problems ◊  
Try the classrooms challenge!

15. Crossword Puzzle Maker ◊  
Online tool to help you make one in a flash!

16. Animal World Map

17. Word Central Online Dictionary ◊
from Merriam-Webster

18. Vocabulary Games ◊
Choose a topic – choose a level

19. National Geographic Quick Flicks
Nearly a dozen BrainPOP movies

21. Tumblebooks

22. Critters!




25. POND-er This

26.Typing Practice
Use this online program to become even better at keyboarding!

27. Save the Mountain Walrus

28. HTML Tutorial
Experiment with html code and see the results.

29. Computer Terms ◊
Click on the Glossary.

30. Math Baseball

 31. Maine Tree Club 

32. Maine TREE Foundation

33. Forest Trees of Maine
View PDFs in Citrix

34. State Tree Gallery
From the University of Illinois Extension

35. Wonderful World of Trees
Trees of North America

36. What Tree Is It?
Over 170 trees!

Trees of the North Woods 

Forestry Images

US Forest Service
Search for your tree – great site for associated forest cove

37. Hawk

National Geographic

38. Broad Winged Hawk

Cornell Lab

           Animal Interview

39. PopWord ◊ 

Highlight letters (up, down, diagonally) to form a word and score points

40. Free Rice ◊ 

Games that make a difference!

41. MakeBeliefsComix ◊
Create your own comic strip stories

42. Verb Viper ◊

Feed the right verb to the viper by clicking on his head

43. Word Frog ◊

Find the antonyms, synonyms and homonyms

44. Word Invasion ◊

Identify these parts of speech: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and prepositions

45. Coconut Vowels ◊

Match the vowel combinations to the coconuts before they reach the beach

46. Alien Addition 

47. Minus Mission

48 Meteor Multiplication 

49. Demolition Division 

50. Sequencing Fun ◊

51. Have Fun ◊

Language games

52. World o’ Words ◊

Vocabulary games

53. Grammar Crackers ◊

54. Online Computer Quiz

55. Grammar Practice Park ◊ 
Sentence types, nouns, pronouns, verbs, plurals and more!

56. Word Sort ◊

57. Scott Foresman Links ◊

resources for students and teachers

58. Spelling City ◊

59. National Map Viewer from USGS

Add/remove layers to customize your map of the United States

60. Inference Ahead! ◊

61. Inferences and Drawing Conclusions ◊

62. More Inferences and Drawing Conclusions ◊ 

63.Inference Battleship ◊

64. Daily Comic ◊

65. The Story Kitchen ◊

 66. Typing Games

A collection of links to many online typing games!

67. Scholastic’s Computer Lab Favorites

Dozens of language, science, social studies, math and Spanish activities

Select 3-5 level

68. Wacky Word Game ◊

from writingfix.com

69. Random Writing Prompt Generator ◊

from writingfix.com

70. Rocks, Minerals and More

71. Animation Maker

This is just for fun!

72.  Letter Blocks

Make words with nearby letters

73. Human Body Links

74. Affixes ◊


Penguin SeaWorld


76. Animal Challenges

77. Weekly Reader

78. Vocabulary Spelling City ◊

select free games in the left column

79. Digital Citizenship

80. Planets

81. Learn Scratch

82. Animation Video

83. Code Maze Puzzles

84. More Code Puzzles to Solve

click on small, numbered squares to solve

85. Lions and Technology

86.   Green Crabs in Maine

           Green Crabs Video 1

   Green Crabs Video 2

           Green Crabs Video 3


87. Learn the Skeletal System

88. Word Searcher

enter words or parts of words to find word lists that contain them

89. Reading Street Grade 4 Vocabulary

Study and play with all grade 4 words!

90. American Revolutionary War Links

91. Regions of the US: Ducksters

92. Regions of the US: US Diplomatic Mission

93. Population Change in US States

94. Five Regions of the US

95. Landform Regions of the US

96. Industry & Employment, 1990-2013: push play or use arrows to see the changes over time

97. ACA Camp Database

98. Bookopolis

99. Epic!

100. Prodigygame

101. State Research

102. Attractions of America

103. Family Days Out

104. Scholastic News

105. Tinkercad

106. Technology: Made by Mainers

107. Salt #1

108. Salt #2

109. Role Model Choices 

110. Our 50 States links

111. Chibitronics Code Editor

112. How to Cite Web Pages (and more!)