Cyberchase Math, K-4

Railroad Repair
Problem solving with addition **

Poddle Weigh-In
Estimate weight **

Star Gazing
Select the angle measurement for each planet **

Cyber-Pattern Player
Create patterns that make music *

Where’s Digit?
Create circles of the correct size – find the spot where 3 circles meet **

Crossing the River
Problem solving – and taking turns **

Can You Fill It?
Select smaller containers to fill the big container – estimate, without spilling *

Bugs in the System
Make a graph with bugs – compare graphs you’ve created *

Bike Route
Plan the shortest bike route to all the spots on the map *

Airlines Builder
Place and rotate the pieces to form as many different shapes as you can **

Double the Donuts
Shows doubling *

Logic Zoo
Sort animals by their descriptions and place them in the Venn diagram **

Jigsaw Puzzle
Resize puzzle pieces by multiplying by whole numbers or fractions **

Pour to Score
Problem solving with addition and subtraction ***

Point Out the View
Create a diagram from each person’s view **

Find the shapes that match *

Tangram Game
Rotate and place the 7 pieces to complete the shapes ***

Crack Hacker’s Safe
Combine shapes, colors and the correct number to follow the pattern **

Crack Digit’s Code
Match letters to diagrams to crack the code *

Cyberchase Squares
Find the item that is the opposite of each clue you read **

Send in the Trolls
Estimate height *

Sleuths on the Loose
Use your skills in addition and/or multiplication **

The Symmetrizer
Kaleidoscope-style view of symmetrical shapes *

Space Coupe to the Rescue
Addition and subtraction with positive and negative numbers ***

Disguise Combos
Find the greatest number of combinations **

Estimation Contraption
Estimate the sum of numbers after rounding them ***

The Eye of Rom
Follow compass directions in one direction – and then in reverse ***

Maze & Marbles
Move left, right, etc. before it’s too late *

Number Sense
Place numerals in correct order to create the biggest number *

Pattern Quest
Determine the correct pattern by testing ideas based on the feedback you’ll get ***

Mission Magnetite
Find equal fractions, decimals, and diagrams ***

Make A Match
Match diagrams with their fractions **

Stop that Creature
Figure out the rule the function machine is using *

Talking Calculator

Lucky Star Game Show

Answer questions to earn points ***