Watch Us Grow

Here at the Patricia A. Duran School, a big part of our mission is to support students in developing knowledge and skills to help them become lifelong learners.

Education is strengthened when there is a partnership between parents, the community and the school to help each child grow intellectually, physically and socially. We put an emphasis on basic skills and an expectation of high achievement. Communication skills (speaking, writing and listening) are crucial, as well as the ability to think independently, problem solve, make decisions, think critically, and find the information students need. All this happens best in an atmosphere which encourages positive self-concept and understanding and acceptance of others.

Helping your child come to school ready to learn, everyday, is a big part of student success, as well as home-school communication and opportunities to attend conferences, open houses, and curriculum nights with your child’s teacher.

Our academic planning and choice of curriculum materials is guided by Common Core State Standards and Maine’s Learning Results.