Rocks, Minerals and More

See the links below for information on rocks, minerals and more:


1. Mineralogy for Kids

Minerals in the home, the rock cycle

2. Minerals Movie

3. Rocks/Minerals Webquest

4. Journey Through the Rock Cycle

5. Earthquakes and Volcanoes

6. Rocks and Minerals

7. Rocks for Kids

A well-organized links page

8. Rocks and Minerals

Extensive resources from Australia

9. Rock and Mineral Links

10. The Volcano Dictionary

11. More Rock and Mineral Links

12.  Name that Rock! Game

13. Mineral Matters

14. The Rock Cycle – and more

15. Rocks, Minerals and Gems

16. Interesting Groupings of Minerals

17.  Minerals Found in U.S. States

18. Rock Cycle Animation

19. Rock and Mineral Webquest

20. Rock and Mineral Dictionary