Grade 4 Math Links

1. Addition and Subtraction

2. Addition and Subtraction with Decimals

3. Math Games

a variety of levels and activities

4. Virtual Manipulative Math Games

5. IXL Fourth Grade Math

addition, subtraction, decimals and more

6. Math Magician Games

addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

7. Addition Game

play with a friend, or be both players

8. Batter’s Up Baseball

select multiplication or addition and 3 levels of difficulty

9. Lemonade Larry


10. Farm Stand

Multiply and add to see how much you’d spend

11. Product Game

get four in a row to win

12. Balanced Equations

balance the scale with equal equations

13. Factorize

show the product as all possible rectangles – then as numerals

14. The Factor Game

find available factors for the number your opponent picks for you

15. Deep Sea Duel

select card to total the target number – before Okta gets the cards you need!

16. Aplus Math