Project Groundhog 2017



Welcome to Hermon Elementary School’s

First Grade Groundhog Page

Groundie did not see his shadow on February 2nd!

Does that mean we’ll have an early spring?




Schools on our team are from Texas, Minnesota, Massachussetts, Idaho and Newfoundland, Canada:




All About Our Town



     If you took a hike in the Hermon, Maine area, you might see deer, bobcats, foxes, coyotes, raccoons, squirrels and chipmunks. Black bears and moose aren’t far away. We have chickadees, bluejays, crows, robins, partridges, owls and bald eagles. You might come across garter snakes, turtles, frogs and bunnies. If you look closely you’ll see ants, crickets, spiders and butterflies. In waters nearby there are bass fish and lobsters. You might even see a groundhog!

     Hermon Elementary School has students from Kindergarten to Fourth Grade. Our school mascot is a hawk, and we can earn Hawk Wings by following our school rules and being kind & caring, responsible, respectful and safe. Something new in our Hawk Cafe is our salad bar. At lunch time there are lots of fruits and veggies for us to choose from. At recess we can play on the snow mountain. Our playground equipment is


  hiding behind it! In class, we learn science, math, reading and  writing. At center time, we do different literacy activities around the  room. We even have our own journals to write in. Sometimes we write about stories we have heard. We also have art, music, P.E. library and computer classes each week.

     In our part of Maine, there’s lots to do. Inside of Playland Adventures there are lots of bounce houses and it’s a bunch of fun. The new Chick-fil-A has play areas, too. We like to go to McDonald’s for ice cream. We also like to go to Wendy’s, Texas Road House, and Toys R Us. It’s fun to go to the park with friends, go swimming, or play sports like hockey, football, baseball and skiing. At home, we can play with our dogs or snuggle with our cats. Here at school, we can earn special days (like pajama days) when our class earns enough Hawk Wings.

Here are two more Week 2 pics, after our blizzard and 2 snowdays:

snpeak                                snswoop



 Temperature Team Results


Red bars are actual temps, blue bars are average temps for our area.









 Kab  Kbg Kcl   Kep
 Kgy Km  Kmb  Krk 
 Kw  M15  M35 Maam 
   Mbt Mae