Animal Challenges

Animal Challenges

Most of the challenges below were created by fourth graders on our very last day of school in June, 2011: 


1. I sometimes eat so much I can’t take off and fly again. I live in warm parts of Asia, Africa and Europe.  We are sometimes called buzzards.  What am I?


2. When I am born I am white or gray and when I am an adult I am pink.  I am very social and I am a wading bird.  I do not eat fish.  What am I?


3. I lived on the Galapagos Islands.  We were all assumed to be extinct until a Ranger found me.  I was the rarest animal in the world.  They called me Lonesome George.  What am I?


4. I am a tree-living animal.  I can be found in South America.  I do not eat meat.  I move very slowly.  What am I?


5. I am a freshwater, carnivorous fish. I can be found throughout the U.S. and can weigh up to 55 pounds.  I ambush my prey and am a cannibal.  What am I?


6. I do not eat plants.  I can live for about 13 years in captivity.  My predators are humans.  In Swahili my name is Simba.  What am I?


7. I live in rain forests of the southern hemisphere and I am a shy bird. I mainly eat fruits, and can get to be 40-50 years old in the wild. What am I?


8.  I am an unusual looking fish. With my long snout, I might remind you of a platypus. I live in rivers in the United States and get to be about 5 feet long and can live to be about 50 years old.   What am I?


9.  I am the fastest bird, but I do not fly.  I have a very long neck.  I live in Africa. I have ancestors dating back 50 million years ago.  What am I?


10. I am a marsupial.  I am an herbivore but can go for long periods without food or water. I can even recycle a small amount of my body’s waste products. About the size of a cat, my predators are dingos and foxes and I live mainly on Rottnest Island, Australia. What am I?