CODE activities


Why code?

Try the Canadian Prime Minister”s hockey game!




 Kodable COdeSparkFoos  LightBot  AngryBirds
PuppyAdventure CandyQuest DragonBLast SpaceQuest
 PlayLab  COdeMonkey  FlappyBIrd  MCAdventurer
Frozen  StarWars ScratchFly   MCDesigner
 MinecraftNEW  PiratePlunder  RobotRattle  GoogleLogo

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Start Here for Sequencing


1.Maze Puzzles

2. Debugging

3. Advanced Maze Puzzles


Move on to Loops

4. Maze Loops

5. Bee Loops

6. Bee Debugging



Minecraft Hour of Code


Star Wars Hour of Code with Blocks


Star Wars Hour of Code with Blocks & Java Script


Now try Drawing

7. Drawing on Ice


And More

8. Try more from Course 1

9. Try more from Course 2

10. Explore Course 3

11. Code Studio Main Page


And Beyond

12. CS is Fun