School Info

Image Hermon Elementary School is part of the Hermon School System. There are three schools in the system: Hermon Elementary School which houses grades K-4, Hermon Middle School for grades 5-8, and Hermon High School for grades 9-12.


There are approximately 330 students in Grades K-4 at Hermon Elementary School. We also administer a PreK program for 4-year-olds at Hermon High School.  The PreK program is limited to 30 children in  each of our four (half-day) sessions.  Kindergarten is a full day program. Each grade level has multiple classrooms.

HES staff place emphasis on achieving an academic and healthful environment where teaching and learning are an enjoyable experience. We employ a core reading program and a core math program to ensure that all students receive a solid foundation in these fundamental areas. We are very fortunate to have full time physical education and computer technology teachers, as well as offering library, music, and art to our students.

From the principal, to the teachers, to the custodians, to the secretaries, to the bus drivers, to our loyal volunteers — HES loves children!


Hermon is a rural suburb community outside Bangor, Maine. Hermon is a digital community. Businesses and residents of Hermon have an opportunity for internet and e-mail access in their homes and at their businesses for free. Local news is posted in common folders on its first class server for all residents to see and share.